Meeting with Guénaëlle

Feb 17, 2022 11:19:44 AM | Oto who ? Meeting with Guénaëlle


Who are you? what do you do? tell us everything! 

I'm Guénaëlle Perrin, I'm 40 years old (yes, I know, I look younger 😉 ) and I'm a CMO at Otoqi since September 2021.


What are your main tasks?

I define Otoqi's marketing and communication strategy, which aims to give visibility to the Otoqi brand, to make our areas of expertise and services better known.

There are two objectives : on the one hand, to attract new clients, new partners and new talents, and, on the other hand, to build loyalty among our existing clients and collaborators.


What are your main daily challenges? 

Since marketing and communication are new disciplines at Otoqi, and I do not come from the car/mobility sector, every action is a challenge. There is no precedent, so we have to lay a solid foundation and be agile to analyze and adjust each of our actions/campaigns.


For you, and in only 3 words, what does Otoqi mean ?

Growth, Intelligence, Benevolence! (rhymes in "ance")



What is your daily gesture for the planet?

I take public transports.


What is your favorite car?




If you were not doing this job, what would you do?

I would have liked to be an artiiiiiiiiiiist !!!! but something is lacking ... might be the talent ...


Describe yourself with a meme or an emoji or a GIF 


What is your favorite meal?

Spaghetti alle vongole. I ate the best of my life in Syracuse, Sicily. Viva Italia!


What's the one movie line you come up with all the time?

"The Truth Serge!" La vérité si je mens


In 30 years, what will you be nostalgic about?

The good smell of gasoline!


What is an object from your childhood that is gone but that you would like to see again?

I spent my adolescence creating compilations on audio cassettes that I listened with my walkman!



What secret conspiracy theory would you like to launch?

Adults are led to believe that Santa Claus does not exist because they are not good enough to receive gifts, so they give them for each other. But in reality he really exists and only children know it!


And finally, tell us a joke

Do you know the joke with two bullets ? It Kills!

Written By: Otoqi's Team